We produce according to the original drawing of the former company KLOSE- Antriebstechnik, Hilchenbach

Spur gears


Our spur gears are used for actuating servo components like e. g. slides and valves, with which several rotations are required for travelling through the regulating distance. These spur gears can be actuated manually by means of a handwheel from a distance, but also with flanged rotary drive.


The fitting position of the spur gear can be freely chosen. However, the preferred fitting position is with the driving shaft being vertically downwards.




Spur gears ASG, constructionally design


Alternatively, the gear housing can be supplied in gray cast iron GGG 25 according to DIN 1691 or in spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG 40 according to DIN 1693. The system of protection of the gear is IP 65 according to EN 60 526.


According to the type and multiplication, the spur gear is constructionally designed with a single stage or two stages in such a way that the direction of rotation of the drive shaft and driven shaft is the same. The driving pinion and the intermediate wheels are made of wear resisting tempering steel according to DIN 17200. Roller bearings are used for supporting these parts. The driven wheel made of spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG 50 according to DIN 1693 has plain bearings.



With the design of the spur gear with connecting form A at the gear exit, as shown in the above picture, the threaded bush is made of high-quality special bronze. The occurring axial forces are absorbed via roller bearings. For protecting the passing-through spindles, spindle protecting tubes can be installed.


In order to ensure a large dimensioning of the spindle, the threaded bush is designed in such a way that it allows a sufficient passage. The ASG spur gear drive systems are designed for short-term operation and are supplied ready for operation with adhesive grease.