We produce according to the original drawing of the former company KLOSE- Antriebstechnik, Hilchenbach

Worm gear drive systems


Our gears are applied worldwide in most different fields of application as e. g. hydraulic engineering, petrol chemistry, breweries, in the natural gas distribution as well as conventional and atomic power stations.


For the of slide-gates the worm gears can either be effected manually or via electric actuator by remote-control.





Worm gear drive systems ASNG, constructionally design


Our gear housings are made of grey cast iron or spheroidal cast iron. Kind of protection IP 68 according to EN 60526. The worm is made of case-hardened alloy-steel. It is hardened and ground and has got antifriction bearings.


The worm wheel is made of spheroidal cast iron with slide bearings. Instead of using spheroidal cast iron, the worm wheel may be made of special bronze within the area of contact of the worm-shaft. The socket made of heat treatable steel is connected rigidly with the worm wheel by means of a tooth profile according to DIN 5480. Thus, the plug-in-socket may be shifted tooth by tooth, which guarantees greatest possible adaptability to each task.


The standard-type plug-in-socket is supplied with first hole, but upon request another bore with groove, multiple groove or pivot with cheeks is available.





Versions, construction


Version I

For manual operation only, i. e. for installation of a hand-wheel or a spindle-extension for remote-control via handwheel or an electric actuator.


Version II

For immediate installation of an actuator. By means of a sealing cover the gear may be modified for manuel operation. Thus, an actuator may be installed at any time.


Version III

To be treated in the same way as version II, except for a reduction gear superposed in order to reach other gearatios.