For more than 70 years, KLOSE, Hilchenbach, as a trademark, has been a recognized standard for roller table gear motors in the metalworking industry. From 1948 to 2003, we were able to guarantee the best quality by designing and manufacturing the engine and the associated gearbox under one roof. The holistic KLOSE concept deliberately dispenses with couplings, adapter flanges and housing adjustments as a compromise in many points for assembling the motor and gearbox. The special operating conditions for “heavy applications”, characterized by hard impacts and adverse operating conditions, can only be met through the joint conception.

Facts and Figures

  • Founded in 1948 as an independent family business, initially as a maintenance company for direct current and three-phase drives
  • 1958 Move to Brunnenstraße 2, 5912 HILCHENBACH
  • Floor area: around 25,000 square meters, expansion to 10,000 square meters of hall space and 1200 square meters of office space
  • 1968 Purchase of a production facility for the manufacture of gears
  • Up to 140 employees (permanent staff) in the years around 1990
  • Development of directly coupled gears+motors
  • Takeover of manufacturers for valve gears (Weydemann-Arnold / SFO Schoppe and Fäser)
  • Utilization of approx. 2,000 engines and approx. 1,200 gearboxes per year
  • More than 250 customers, especially in the metallurgical and steelworks industry, but also general conveyor systems and actuators for power plants and municipal water management facilities
  • On February 1st, 2003 all rights to the products of the former company KLOSE Antriebstechnik Hilchenbach were taken over by M+C Antriebstechnik, Siegen. Maintenance of the KLOSE product through the supply of spare parts, as well as needs-based further development of the gearbox and motor.
  • In 2004 foundation of the company gemota gmbh, Schöneck as a manufacturing company

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