Stainless Steel Motors

Stainless Steel Motor

If, in addition to the extremely difficult operating conditions of heat and dust, there is also corrosive moisture in the ambient air, the materials for conventional engine and transmission construction are quickly no longer sufficient. Even multiple coats of paint only offer temporary protection when it comes to corrosion. With the slightest damage to the paintwork, this protection eventually continues to flake off. Materials, that in themselves offer protection, must be worked with, especially to protect against corrosive substances in the air. This includes stainless steel.

For special applications, the development of the motor with its housing and all attachments made of stainless steel was successfully implemented. This motor type is also far more sealed than the required IP54.

The special motor design is also designed in ring fin design. Spreadsheets do not exist for this, so we will pass on our experience on request. These motors are used, for example, in the pickling of conveyor systems.